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The avocado and oat masks plastered across DIY beauty blogs might make for a fun girls’ night in, but they can’t compare to a New York spa treatment. From personal consultations to professional-strength extractions, facials done by trained estheticians are worth every single penny. Here are the top five reasons why salon-quality spa treatments will change your beauty routine forever.

    1. Customizable:

Professional New York spa treatments come with personalized consultations. Your esthetician will meet with you to ask you a few questions about your diet, skincare routine, water intake, and prescription medications. Your skin, the largest organ in your body mirrors your overall health. So, it’s important that your esthetician know more about your regular habits.

The esthetician will use this consultation to determine your skin type, identify potential problem areas, and recommend lifestyle changes you could make to help improve your complexion. Armed with this information, she’ll be able to choose moisturizers and cleansers suited uniquely to you.

    2. Steam:

A professional esthetician will use steam while cleansing your skin of makeup, dirt, and grime. This steam helps to soften your follicles making it easier to extract any debris that may have lodged itself in your pores. When sebum, dead skin, and bacteria clog up your pores, they form blackheads, which are very difficult to remove correctly without professional help.

The steam treatment you receive at the beauty salon is more than just water vapor. You cannot expect to get the same results from holding your head above a pot of boiling water. Unless you’ve been properly trained, you could dehydrate, irritate, or even burn your skin.

    3. Extractions:

Unless you’re very careful about washing your face twice a day, you probably have at least a few blackheads. If you’ve ever tried to squeeze your blackheads yourself, you probably know that the “squeezing and popping” technique leaves your skin red and blotchy.

The esthetician looks at your skin at different angles from behind a magnifying glass. Not only can she see your skin better than you can, but she has tools that allow her to extract the residual matter without causing any inflammation. Acne and blemish treatments may help wash away excess sebum, but they won’t help you thoroughly clean out your pores like professional tools can.

    4. Professional-Strength Exfoliation:

As we age, our skin sheds dead cells less efficiently making exfoliation a crucial part of a regular beauty routine. New York spa treatments offer professional-grade products and equipment that you can’t purchase as a consumer.  

Treatments like microdermabrasion can scrape off several layers of skin very easily. Chemical exfoliants are not only more concentrated, but they also have lower pH levels. They penetrate deep into the skin allowing estheticians to clear away several layers of dead cells you wouldn’t be able to reach with salicylic acid or a simple sugar scrub.

    5. Facial Massage:

No New York spa treatment would be complete without a proper facial massage. Not only will it melt away your troubles, but it will also help stimulate blood flow. Blood provides your skin with oxygen and carries away any toxins. The better your circulation, the clearer and smoother your skin will look.

There’s no better form of self-care than a New York spa treatment. Far superior than what you could achieve using lotions and masks at home, professional facials will leave your complexion glowing.